Eastham5 Acquires New Property

The Worcester Investment Company Closes on 20 Loudon Street

Worcester, Massachusetts, November 2022 – Eastham5 Investments LLC purchased a new apartment complex on Loudon Street. This will be the company’s fourth property after starting in 2020. The building is home to six apartments which Eastham5 will now take over from the previous landlord. With the acquisition of this building, Eastham5 now has over twenty apartments throughout the city.

With this purchase, Eastham5 continues its mission to provide affordable housing in the city of Worcester. 20 Loudon Street is located right outside of downtown near Clark University. It is in a neighborhood that has faced gentrification in recent years. Eastham5 will ensure the apartments on Loudon Street stay affordable and will help struggling tenants apply for housing assistance programs through the Massachusetts state and federal governments.